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The Power of Positive Affirmation

Finding your soul’s purpose through a journey of healing, surrendering, and intuition of the heart.


Hello! Welcome to my first foray into the “Blog world.” I hope my words will inspire you, move you, and maybe even open up your heart and soul to more fully embrace the unlimited possibilities we ALL can manifest as we dance along in this wonderful journey called life!

I thought it might be fitting to have my first blog be a mixture of the magic in manifesting through an introduction to my upcoming inspirational/spiritual memoir called, “Believe!” So here you go… Enjoy!


I invite YOU to come along with me on this life adventure - a transformational Odyssey - through love, grief, happiness, loss and rebirth. 

During my loving husband’s battle with brain cancer, at the young age of forty-two, he announced to my sister that he could "feel" angel wings starting to grow out of his back. I listened in awe as this man whom I had been with since the age of 16, stated something so profound and completely out of character. Was I watching him transform between the two worlds right before my eyes? My sister is a psychic and she had a vision that Keith was surrounded by a beautiful white light and doves circling around him. He had beautiful, huge white wings and she was told he would be an angel on Earth, guiding people with deep wisdom, love, and healing.

Sadly, my husband did not become an angel here on Earth, and when he passed a part of me died with him. My sister’s vision did come true, however, just not the way we planned. Keith continued to guide me with "signs" and miracles from the universal power beyond our realm.


Listening to your heart's intuition ...

No matter where you - uniquely, wonderful, beautiful YOU — are on your path in life; whether it is going through deep grief or loss, seeking to find answers for a deeper more enriched life, or a place where you are ready to manifest the life of your dreams, I invite you to open up your heart as you come along with me on this journey to grow, love, laugh and maybe even cry with me as I share the magical, life-transforming, and healing power of positive affirmations, listening to your heart’s intuition of having a life you desire through the "Heart of Manifestation"

It is my hope that this story will speak to you in the deepest part of your soul as you receive messages of hope, healing and wisdom that came through me from beyond. As I found my way towards overcoming incredibly deep grief and loss, not once but twice in my life, I eventually surrendered to the universe my deepest heart’s desire to heal and feel deep love once again. Embarking on a journey that was driven by something from the core of my soul and guided by the intuition of my heart, I begin to realize the healing power of what would become "The Heart of Manifestation.” I asked for signs from Keith and the universe to guide me and as my heightened awareness opened up, as I truly, spiritually opened my eyes, my heart and followed my soul path. I was guided towards healing, deep wisdom and an amazing beautiful life I never thought imaginable. Not only did I find an amazing love once again in a magical serendipitous way, I learned to really love and truly know myself as I came in touch with the deeper part of who "I" am and what my purpose in life was.

As I opened up my heart on my journey, information flowed in, giving me a deeper understanding of the path that is taken by those that we love and lose to death. This knowledge gave me peace as I understood that Keith’s soul was in a universal place full of joy beyond what we can know here on earth. Additionally, I grew into a deeper compassion and understanding that those we part ways with in “soul love’” relationships fall apart because, at the core of it, we become connected on a different vibrational level that just does not work for the greater good of each of you. And as hard as it was to accept, I began to understand that even when it was a soul’s path to go on to the heavens above, our loved ones were transformed into a heavenly world of peace and joy to continue to grow and expand their soul in a pure LOVE that is so immense we cannot truly comprehend it here on Earth. As I let go of the anger and disillusionment of loss I came into a deeper understanding and peace within myself. As I allowed new doors to open, I began to accept that those we lose in love during our life path often go a different direction to free ours to do what we are truly are here on Earth to do. 


"As I let go of the anger and disillusionment of loss I came into a deeper understanding and peace within myself. As I allowed new doors to open, I began to accept that those we lose in love during our life path often go a different direction to free ours to do what we are truly are here on Earth to do." 


As I continued my journey, the synchronicity of "signs" continued to come as I was guided to participate in a weekend workshop with another wonderful manifestor named Cher. (She actually manifested me being there, but that's another story!) During the workshop, we would be educated on how to create inspirational, "Heart-centered" workshops we planned on teaching together.

My heart skipped a beat as I walked into the workshop and saw a life-size painting of huge, beautiful white angel wings on the wall. I thought of Keith and the “wings” he felt growing out of his back and I knew in that moment I was right where I was supposed to be. On the final day of the workshop Cher and I taught a segment of what we came to call, "The Heart of Manifestation,” to our co-participants. We were taken back by the amazing response we received as each person began to understand the power deep within to truly visualize, manifest from the heart, and create their life dreams. I experienced a magical life-changing moment standing there as I felt deep in my soul, a "knowing" that this was my life's path. Over and over again the signs of dove’s wings continued to "show up" throughout the weekend and tears filled my eyes as I came to realize that Keith was teaching deep wisdom, love and healing THROUGH me to humanity, just as my sister had envisioned years before. 

In that profoundly powerful moment there was a tingling, a vibration that took over my complete body from my toes up through the top of my crown chakra. I could feel my heart opening up and enveloping my whole being! It was an amazing feeling - like nothing I had experienced before. This feeling lasted for quite a while - it was such a gift of life to come to this place of discovery of my soul's purpose here on Earth.


Live within your heart....

Each and every one of us holds the power of manifestation inside of us - if we truly tap in and Believe! Embrace the power to be more truly alive as you open up your heart to love more deeply and share that love with humanity. In today's rapidly ever-changing world of advancement with technology we are becoming more connected and united on a higher vibrational level every day. We, as a whole are being called to truly live within the heart, to have unconditional love for one another and all of humanity. We are "spiritually awakening" to the necessity to really take care of each other and our precious mother Earth. 

My heart was so open to share with humanity and as I drifted to sleep one night I asked the Universe to guide me and give me the words to convey the message of love and wisdom I have to share. As the dawn of a new day was approaching the words were flowing in - downloaded from the place beyond - I simply had to get up and write them! This is what I was guided to write and I invite you to read them with an open heart. 

Be not discouraged if that what you wish to manifest or your “positive affirmation” does not come to fruition exactly as you have planned or in the time allotted. Trust the universe, trust the higher power, whatever that is to you - open up your heart and mind to the possibilities and step into the unknown.

Sometimes it will be uncomfortable, step - no JUMP - with wild abandonment and excitement out of your comfortable “box” to experience the path that seems to lie in front of you. Take in the “nuggets” of wisdom from the universe, for they are the breadcrumbs leading you on the path to your destination and the magical gems that lie in front of you enrich you with the juiciness of life experiences that open up your heart, mind, body and soul.


"Take in the “nuggets” of wisdom from the universe, for they are the breadcrumbs leading you on the path to your destination and the magical gems that lie in front of you enrich you with the juiciness of life experiences that open up your heart, mind, body and soul."


Trust and surrender as you take each step - as you look deep into your heart you will have a "knowing" that this is the right step to achieve what "we think" is the final destination to what our heart is manifesting.... But it is my experience that through the surrendering to the universe to guide us to where it is we feel we truly want or need to be - that -through truly surrendering we receive the true gifts of life! Upon taking this journey, this amazing odyssey of life - the process delivers treasures beyond anything we could imagine ...And quite often these treasures are much more perfectly suited for our very being, heart, and soul.

It is through my experience of surrendering to the universe to guide me on the journey to my heart’s desire and then REALLY trusting the process and following the path before me that a whole new world of possibilities has opened up to me.

It was in finally surrendering and at the same time embracing the power that we all hold inside to manifest our dreams that my magical journey brought to life writing my book, meeting amazing, wise, beautiful, spiritual souls, finding a deep love once again, creating workshops to inspire and teach "The Heart of Manifesting” and money coming to me in unexpected magical ways just when I needed it to finance my dreams!

These "gems and gifts" continue to pour in and enrich my life as I continue to push myself to step out of my comfort zone, to step out of my tightly confined, yet what I thought was comfortable "box" into the new and unknown, while embracing the deepest part of my heart and soul and trusting the journey. It was in a huge leap of faith that my own personal “Positive affirmation” - my "Heart of Manifestation" came true and in an amazing and serendipitous way that I could have never imagined! (You will have to read my memoir “Believe!” or come to “The Heart of Manifesting” retreat/workshop to hear that story!)

ASK with deep passion for what YOU want in your life - and then continue to journey forward one wonderful step at a time, even when the path does not seem exactly as you want it to be, trust the universe to guide you as you receive gifts beyond your wildest dreams. Be CLEAR about what you want, but consider putting it into a broader scale to open up the possibilities of how that looks and allowing it to come in a way you could have never imagined that ultimately may really serve the deepest part of your soul!

It is the movement forward, sideways and sometimes, yes - even backwards that gives us the lessons needed to reach our destination - our heart’s desire... Have the courage to strive forward with an unwavering belief - really BELIEVE to truly discover "The Heart of Manifestation!"

By, Lisa Nicks-Balthasar

Inspirational speaker, writer and co-founder of "The Heart of Manifestation"



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