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Live the life your soul is longing for!
What is "The Heart of Manifestation" ?

Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to empower individuals to feel control over their destiny and desires. We facilitate weekend retreat/workshops in Ojai, CA offered to women only as well as extended retreats/workshops internationally to both men and women.

We Teach

We teach a deeper understanding of the POWER of The Heart of Manifestation and provide guidance as you fully explore your heart's deepest desires. Created by two dynamic and artistic authors and inspirational speakers with rich and diverse life experiences, the processes of our workshops are designed to help spiritual and like-minded individuals open their minds and hearts to a higher consciousness and tap into the power to manifest their life desires!

Surrounded by nature's beauty, we've carefully chosen our locations to allow space for one to immerse fully in the transformational power of manifesting dreams into reality. Throughout our retreat/workshops you will nourish your mind, body,and soul with nature, yoga, meditation, journaling, and wholesome organic food from local farms prepared by a personal chef.


Our Passion
Our passion and desire is to connect with you on a spiritual level, to honor your intentions, and to offer a very supportive and safe environment. It is our highest intention that through guidance you learn our "sacred recipe" for manifesting and experience a new “rite of passage” along with a higher consciousness to live out your destiny!

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