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"How I Found My Authentic Self"

Hi there, my beautiful Spiritual Family!

After all of my many years of going to the University of Santa Monica, and getting my Masters in Spiritual Psychology, I’m seeing what a beautiful gift that was. I was shown my way to my authentic self! But for some of my classmates, I would ask: “Have you been able to manifest an abundance around you that supports you totally on ALL levels? If so, bravo”, I’d say. “I am so happy for you. Keep it up.” However, I saw other classmates, where abundance had not yet arrived in their life the way they’d always envisioned.


Living the life you envisioned ...

I want to ask YOU, my fellow Spiritual Light workers…why do you think that is? Why, after learning so much that really works for us, have we not been able to live in the house and car of your dreams, find a job that is satisfying, or have a paycheck that is truly needed to call your life “abundant”. Or what about those who are still waiting to attract the right amazing relationship—why the heck not? Huh?

With all the work we do on ourselves, we see the Universe change as we change. We feel lighter and lighter and are grateful everyday for the path we walk…but for some reason, it still doesn’t seem to be enough to bring what we want and need.

Maybe it’s because we don’t know how to ground it in the physical? Maybe, we haven’t yet figured out what it takes to bypass all the programing and misbeliefs that lies deep in our subconscious that says “We’re not good enough.” “I don’t deserve it.”


Facing my fears and embracing a shift...

After graduation, I could feel and see all the shifts for my highest and best. I went through a divorce having to face my deepest fears. What now, I thought, am I destined to become a struggling, single person? Play the single scene with all those silly games. Give up my authentic self? I loved being married, the thought of having to date again was out of the question.

Would I have to give up my beautiful life style and find the hardships of living close to the tightened belt?

I decided …NO! That was not okay. And I would have to get very creative — wake myself up out of the illusion that “everyone” seemingly wanted me to buy into— and instead create the perfect life I knew I could create. I was on a journey, and I was intent on finding my way — my way.

And that’s what I did.


Following my inner voice ...

Through years and years of following my inner voice leading me on this new adventure, I now have this beautiful home I get to share with others doing my favorite thing—sharing and giving—by having retreats here (and all over the world.) This is a magical place in the famous Ojai Valley, (the Valley of the Moon) known worldwide as a place to come for healing, because of the amazing energy here. It stems back as far as the 1890’s attracting many spiritual leaders to this sacred land.

Personally, what I’ve witnessed time and time again is everyone who walks through my doors leaves transformed. Now, I get to share the path I walked to create this magical life of synergy.

In a crazy, fantastic way, I even attracted Lisa Nicks-Balthasar, a “Bright Light” of a business partner who has created the man of her dreams, twice! How do I know what she teaches works? After meeting her, I attracted my perfect relationship! And I didn’t have to go down the path of the dreaded dating game, either.

All good stuff! And I can’t wait to “Cher” it all with you!

Please check out our website, you’ll see what I’m talking about and how you can have your life the way you dreamed:

There’s even a way we provided a large discount!

With LOVE & JOY,


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