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The Heart of Manifestation

Retreats ~ Heart-Centered, Spiritual, and Personal-Growth  Retreat/Workshops
Immerse Yourself in

Calm and center your heart and mind while surrounded by nature's beauty.

Learn to Love

Embrace your unique power and unlimited potential while being gently guided into a deeper spiritual awakening and connection to your heart's center.

Healing and Guidance

Expand your knowledge, develop new skills, and explore your untapped "Manifesting from the Heart" potential during this transformational experience.

Manifest Your Destiny

Learn the key to discovering your deepest desires as you unlock the power to manifest your heart's destiny!


Cultivate Healthy Living

Indulge your taste buds with fresh, delicious, and lovingly-prepared organic meals by a private chef.

Build Heart-Centered Connections

Open your heart to tune deeper into yourself and embrace the deep connections with those around you. Leave refreshed, invigorated and ready to manifest!

What people say

“I felt a weight lifted from from me, down to my core. I regained control of my thoughts and fears. I am now able to live my life authentically and heart forward, completely free of any judgements of myself or others. I am humbled by my journey and full of acceptance and gratitude for my path.

I am free”

— A.Smith
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